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About SmarterPagers HD in the UK

SmarterPagers HD ( a trading name of LRS UK offices ) are a manufacturer of the leading on-site communications paging systems in the world. We supply over 30 industries in the UK and our other 21 offices to the rest of the world including restaurants, department stores, opticians, hospitals, banks, factories and many more. Smarter Pagers Call Systems offers a full range of wireless paging systems for staff communication, customer call systems for restaurants, patient recall systems for hospitals, our newest product (Table Tracker Locator) for casual restaurants and retail. We also offer custom designed solutions and systems direct from the manufacturer - us!

Why choose us?

We make the finest hospital department or medical centre paging systems available; although it is a minefield out there when looking for a solution, who better than to advise than the manufacturer ourselves? Distributors simply don't have the same insight to the products. We can visit your hospital or premises if necessary for a demo, but we will allow you to trial a system for free, which usually negates that option. Our knowledge is extensive and we have supplied many NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK - as well as over 30 other industries too; we are the leading manufacturer of paging communication systems. If you need any advice regarding patient flow then we can help there too, as having worked with many hospitals we have been involved in many scenarios.

Our training is completely free to all customers and who is better than the manufacturer to offer free staff training in the use of a pager system. Our commitment to our customers is second to none, while our after sales support is commensurate with working with a manufacturer.

Customers and patients are equally important, and whether you are a restaurant or hospital or other sector we know we can offer you the advice you need from our professionals in our company linked with the finest service and support available in the United Kingdom.

Please note that we are NOT one of those companies that publishes our customers online - as often distributors do, but sometimes those names are not always what they seem. If you need a list of our customers in ANY sector please do ask and we will be happy to oblige.

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