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Managing Patient Flow in a Busy Hospital or Hospital Pharmacy

The New CS6 and CS7 pager makes the task of managing patients in a hospital far less difficult than it typically is; waiting times are running longer these days than they were and one of the key indicators in the hospital is waiting time delays. Managing the flow of what can be a massive influx of outpatients is a daunting task but while all departments will have in place a solution to tackle the issue, most will not have the necessary solution to ease the problem.

Our paging system has been proved time and time again here in the UK (United Kingdom) that managing patient flow with a paging system gives a massive benefit to the hospital department and reduces the difficulty of managing patients to a satisfactory level.

Here's how it works:

When a patient arrives for their appointment, the outpatient is given a CS7 Pager; the pager number is associated to the outpatients record by manual or computer means by staff; our system can advise the outpatient (calculated in the transmitter system automatically) of the expected waiting time before they will be seen; when the outpatient is needed back for their appointment it's a simple matter of staff entering the pager number associated with the patient; the SafeTouch will flash, vibrate (and optionally beep) then the patient will return for their appointment.

This system allows outpatients to not have to wait in the department until their appointment is due. Outpatients are free to visit the cafe or even wait outside if they want to without the question of missing their appointment.

Our solution allows staff to 'page ahead' of the actual requirement of the patient being back in the department. So often staff will page the next outpatient when the current outpatient goes in to their appointment. The department will remain completely in control of managing outpatient flow and as an added bonus the department will appear to have less patients in there than are actually waiting. With a perceived reduction of other outpatients by all of the outpatients in the department there is far less chance of any trouble and as a side benefit outpatients are far more relaxed while waiting.

We have supplied well in excess of 60 Trusts here in the UK and most trusts have multiple paging systems installed from us which equates to hundreds of systems we have supplied hospitals and healthcare. The general feedback from our customer base suggests that patients generally benefit from a far more positive experience while at the hospital and the flow of outpatients is dramatically improved.

While some companies lay claim to being heavily involved with the supply of paging equipment in volume to hospitals and/or restaurants, it pays to check out the suppliers financials extremely carefully over  a number of years historically because some of them have disclosed very small profits in published accounts and some have lost large sums of money; we would hate to see any hospital or restaurant buy equipment and then the distributor/seller ceases trading, leaving the customer with equipment that might well be useless without decent support.

Our financials are very strong and as part of LRS 21 other sites outside of Dallas TX. USA you can be sure we're here for the duration.

Managing Customer  Flow in a Busy Restaurant

Customer service and satisfaction when they visit your restaurant is absolutely critical to your business; and so is ensuring that customers 'walk away' because of perceived queue's when they approach your restaurant.

Customer paging systems offer a unique way of managing customer flow and increasing customer satisfaction overall when visiting your premises. Here's how it works:

  • The customer arrives and places an order.
  • The staff give a CS6 or CS7 pager to the customer - noting the pager number on the order.
  • The staff prepare the food accordingly
  • When the food is ready, the staff simply enter the pager number in to the transmitting unit and the customers pager will flash, vibrate and optionally beep to tell the customer to return.
  • The customer returns and collects the food while it is piping hot
  • It's really THAT simple!

With the CS Seroes of digital pagers YOU control walkaways, you control the customers experience overall and best of all you will be operating far more efficiently than calling out names (that affect the overall customer experience) or be running around trying to find someone before the food becomes cold.

Savings to your business are actually well documented and typical return on investment is less than 6 weeks.


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