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Patient Recall with an iPAD

One of our newest innovations is called On-Cue; it's a revolutionary program that works on an iPAD that allows you to manage patients or customers who are waiting for an appointment. Maybe the patient wants to visit the cafe or go outside for some fresh air. With iQueue this is all possible, and you can even recall patients via their cell phone when its time to see the consultant.

It sounds interesting but the On-Cue System must be expensive?

Actually you are wrong! in fact you can simply download the application for free and it will work without any cost whatsoever. But if you want to use our SmarterPagers HD systems or cell phone technologies then there is a cost, but it is not as expensive as you might think.

Multiple Screens

One of the best features when using the On-Cue system is the multi screen option that lets all your authorised staff see exactly what is happening throughout the hospital department (or restaurant). Communication is critical to ensure a smooth flow of patients and to get the best out of staff so that every patients transit through the department is handled as swiftly as possible. And for the pharmacy this application is amazing.

How to learn more about On-Cue and supported products

It's a fact that if you are operating a busy hospital outpatients or consultants appointment schedule that you will not have much spare time. That's one reason why we can allow you to download the application absolutely free and without time limitation for you to look at in spare time or to show, discuss and handle in real life situations. There are a number of versions available for different sectors so it makes sense to call us so that we can advise you which version you will need.

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