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Seamless Flow Control of Patients or Customers with NPU

If you need absolute control of the flow of patients or customers that can be much harder to achieve than you might think. While stand alone paging systems can help, they pale in comparison to a fully fledged computer network controlled solution.

Using our patented Netpage Unlimited networked management flow control solution its a simple matter to have patients check in, either at one of the desks or even with our customised KIOSKS that form part of the Netpage system. Patients and customers can be easily called from ANY station on the network (and its a simple matter to change stations) when the appointment is due.

Netpage Unlimited (NPU) has two option either a standard wait list included with the system, or our enhanced wait list that shows you exactly who has been called, who is waiting and who is checked in - all fully trackable with our reporting module; and any patient can be called from any station that is running NPU in the entire building; if your site is multi building we can also call customers in ANY of the other buildings without any deterioration of the range of our solution.

The fact is, that NPU is designed for exactly the needs of a busy hospital outpatients department or other specialist department in the hospital, but it is so flexible it is used throughout industry too.

Simplicity of use

NPU is so simple to use that you can be using the system within just 10 minutes of installing it; simplicity while remaining extremely powerful is the key to successful application in any environment.

Patients or customers out of range?

Not any more. Our Patented use of SMS Text messaging through NPU, linked with our own 'family paging' solution for pagers means that no matter where your patients or customers are you will easily be able to contact them.

Using our CS Series pagers is simple; CS Series Pagers has no holes in the pager that can otherwise allow microbes and bacteria in to the pager where later they could come back out of the very same holes - many others do! CS6 and CS7 Smarter pagers are the ONLY pager on the market without those issues.

Some of the CS Series Pagers includes a special see through cover (the Note) that allows you to place instructions or advertising right on the pager and protect it accordingly; many other competitive products use tiny little screws that have been known to crack flimsy plastic parts or simply allow patients or customers to remove the instructions or advertising easily. Our CS Note pager is designed no to allow this.

Netpage Unlimited

Our NPU transmitters are called 'family transmitters' and those are completely independent of each other on the network. If your network extended for 10 miles (maybe by the internet) and you place a 'family transmitter' on another site you can page that site without even thinking about it as the transmitter is simply seen as another device that the NPU uses on the system. No other system can do this and typically competitors are limited to a maximum (on a very good day) of 2 miles. Many go much less and can never cover sites in multiple buildings. We GUARANTEE coverage with NPU anywhere that there is a computer network. Smarter Pagers really are that good.

Our NEW SafeTouch pager has the ability to renumber all pagers at any time by simply pressing a button on the charger. Renumbering facilitates the transfer of pagers between any departments as necessary sometimes in busy hospitals or restaurant situations; and our smart paging technology (called SmarterCharge™) ensures that all batteries are maintained in their optimum state for really long life. All of our systems by default carry at least a 3 year manufacturers defect warranty.

Netpage Unlimited Screen

Lastly, our NPU solution also enables STAFF paging as standard and can be used for dual purpose, or set up in such a way that we support departments when logging on, so users only ever get to see what they are entitled to use.


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