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For Consultation Rooms

It's always important to communicate if you are operating consultation rooms as it affects the patient flow when you get things wrong. Our Butler II (or Opti-Call on the left) allow the consultant to contact staff when the next patient is needed in the consultation room - easily, simply and at low cost.

In fact our multi-button units as shown are capable of being used in many different ways; for example button one might be to contact a particular member of staff, button two requests the next patient, button three, four and five (six in the case of Opti-Call) can be programmed with custom messaging and configured to exactly your requirements.

Butler II with repeat page facility 

All of these units can work from battery or mains depending on what you need and the chargers are low cost.

Our new 'Swipe Technology' allows a call to be cancelled with a pager and can alert others about the call being handled - unique to LRS.

When its important to give patients the best service and to ensure that the consultation rooms are operating as efficiently as possible, contacting staff becomes extremely important.

An alternate use of these Butler II buttons might be to place these where customers or patients can press a button for contacting staff; multiple uses of these units become obvious once you think about your hospital or business; these are some of the highest selling devices we supply.

This unit (as most of our push buttons) can utilise a 'repeat' page that ensures staff get more than one simple page (if turned on). The system can even be set up in such a way that the member of staff has to 'cancel' the call (up to four repeats) and then a message can be sent out to other staff confirming that the call has been handled.

There are other competitive systems available, but more often than not they don't support any repeat page; which means simply that if the staff don't notice the initial page, then patients, consultants and others might be waiting for some time; and that's not too smart when time matters in healthcare.

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