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The New Leader in it's Class

Back in 1993 we invented the first customer pager that went on to be used in hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, logistics, manufacturing and other sectors. So you could say that we have over 20 years of knowledge and know how when it comes down to patient or customer paging on-site. While our customer pagers are great, we wanted to enhance our products with digital technology and make the products safer.

CS6 and CS7 Smarter pagers smart pagers

As a manufacturer with all those years of experience our new CS series pagers has the following features

  • Latest surface mount digital technology to ensure longevity and performance
  • New charging circuitry that ensures the batteries can last up to 5 years in service
  • New innovative technology for renumbering pagers
  • HD LED's Multicoloured - no LED's that can break
  • HD LED's that is bright and clear (taking in to account older patients or customers)
  • LEXAN case material - the strongest material of its type for pager housings
  • Tracking ability
  • Reduced component count ensures a robust unit with great reliability
  • Tamper proof label covers that use no tiny screws that can break the cover or become easily lost

With innovation like the features above, our CS6 and CS7 Smarter Pager HD offers what no other pager does.

smarterpager multicolour 


Innovation that works with all of our transmitters

CS Pagers can be used in almost ANY circumstance in a hospital, whether outpatients, breast clinics, consultant appointments, pharmacy and more; for restaurants there is no better or safer way to recall customers.

These pagers work with all of our transmitters so it is unlikely that you can ask us to cover a site that we cannot satisfactorily cover. Transmitters can range from just 100 metres to literally worldwide (with PC Networked solutions).



Imagine what these systems will do for your patient flow, staff efficiency, customer or patient experience and overall efficiency within your hospital department or restaurant.

Warranty for our customers

When we sell products we stand by each and every unit, system and accessory for three years no quibble warranty for manufacturing defects of our products. What's more, we offer a new for old warranty too and an option to expand warranty to 10 years. We even offer an optional service where if you lose or break a pager then it's covered! No other paging company offers warranty like this and when budgets are tight in the NHS and other Health and Safety environments these warranties matter. Check other warranty information.

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