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What is Smarter about our SmarterPagers HD

Actually there are a number of enhancements in our HD pagers over so called 'smart' pagers. When we developed the SmarterPagers HD idea we included some innovative ideas that are just the start of our 'HD' technology being rolled out in future products.

The truth about many so called 'smart' pagers

Often there's a lot of old technology in a new 21st century world; and those designs near enough always have issues that are carried forward design after design. You will see some of those 'smart' pagers that look great, but the real issue is that sometimes the functionality of the pager is compromised for cosmetics and that old technology cannot compete against new innovations because the hardware is past it's sell by date..

Look at the CS7 and just how feature rich this device is:


And if you compare the CS7 to other products:


As you can see above are two different 'smart' pagers that have in our opinion degraded the usability of the product by using smaller batteries. While some might prefer a particular pager design, they will probably like those pagers a lot less when they receive continued bills for replacement parts and service not covered under warranty. LRS CS6 and CS7 Smarter Pager Battery is over double the size! But notice we have substantially fewer components by using current technology so our battery will last far longer.

Our Smarter Pager uses custom designed chips and other components that improve longevity of the CS series pagers and make them more robust.

There are other 'anomalies' on some 'smart' pagers that might compromise operation too:

In particular for outpatients or patients if you buy ANY pager that has speaker holes, programming holes (or any other holes) but the sellers say the unit is 'anti bacterial' or 'anti microbial' clearly there could be some sort of problem. Even if the materials are anti bacterial (which may or may not be true), those 'smart' pagers can fail through water ingress (it is more common than many customers think) and will not be covered under warranty; and what about compromising the 'anti bacterial' aspect with those holes that could allow bacteria inside and later back out on to users hands?

Alternatively our Smarter Pager HD CS6 and CS7 Pagers have no holes, no programming holes open, no covers to lose screws or crack and a really great LEXAN case (much stronger than regular plastics as often used on inferior products).

Now THAT is a Smarter Pager!

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