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Table Locating System - Table Tracker

Although our table tracker is typically seen in casual dining restaurants, it can also be used in any type of cafe or restaurant where food is taken to the table; for example, fresh food delivery in a hospital in the cafe.

What's the Problem?

If you have ever been to any casual restaurant where staff bring you freshly prepared food, you will probably know what poor quality service looks like first hand. You will see staff come from the kitchen area and from that point on things go wrong. The member of staff delivering the food cannot find who to deliver it to! Of course there are solutions used such as wooden spoons that customers place on their table, or indeed the red square with a number that is used a Morrison's, but you will find there are major issues when those places are busy.


The Advantages of Table Tracker

There are a number of things that improve dramatically when a table Tracker system is used:

  • The food is delivered piping hot - thus reducing costs because of cold food wastage
  • The actual procedures for making fresh food can be highlighted as not always the best way to work
  • The patient or customer experience is improved dramatically
  • Staff efficiency is improved
  • FULL Reporting that can be for one site, many, or full consolidation is available that shows improvements simply
  • Table Tracker can guide staff to the customers EXACT table
table-tracker tracker-reports
Table Tracker System Full Reporting Solution

We have sold this solution here in the UK in to very busy casual restaurants and the results are incredible. So much so, that these systems are currently being rolled out throughout the UK in a number of companies. For further information please visit or call us on 01782 537000 where we will be happy to help. Alternatively fill out our contact form.