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Why are we better?

Warranty can often be something you don't think much about when you are buying a pager system. But you can be sure that sooner or later that warranty WILL become the focus of managing your paging systems. Pagers go through a very tough life while working for you and there is no doubt that pagers can be broken by either patients, customers or even staff.

So it makes sense to cross the T's and dot the i's when you are considering a paging system.

But all warranty is the same? Right?

Actually it is not. There are basically three types of warranty that you can get with your paging system:

  • Warranty from a Dealer
  • Warranty from a Distributor
  • Warranty from a Manufacturer

But they are all the same! Well actually they are not; check below to get some idea of the problem.

Warranty from a Dealer

A dealer is typically someone who buys products from a Distributor. Often the Distributor sets the warranty period for a dealer, and Distributors usually like short warranty periods. Unfortunately the dealer will pass on warranty given to him by the Distributor. So if the dealer gets a one year warranty, then it's likely that you will get a one year warranty.

Warranty from a Distributor

Unfortunately, Distributors are often their worst own enemy. Some of them buy from manufacturers with a 'bought out' warranty. What this means is that after say 90 days, the distributor has to honour the warranty themselves. It would be satisfactory, but often distributors with those sort of terms (and they will never disclose if they have bought out warranty) want to dismiss warranty at their earliest convenience simply because it's a cost to the distributor. Distributors often change brands.

Warranty from us (a Manufacturer)

Here's where things start to change in the favour of the customer. Manufacturers have the reputation of their products to consider. Manufacturers warranty costs are far less than distributors or dealers. Manufacturers control the quality of their products whereas dealers and distributors simply sell what they are given. A manufacturer has a lot to lose if their products fall short in some way.

We are a manufacturer, we honour warranty DIRECT without middle men of any kind. We extend our basic warranty to at least three tears and that can be extended to 10 years optionally!

If you have particular issues we will even swap out your equipment if we feel it is necessary - new for old!

No distributor or dealer does this. Ever.

So when you use our paging systems we want you to have the best experience that is possible from any company and we back it all up with our unbeatable warranties.

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