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All-in-One Integration of a Transmitter and Chargers can be inherently problematic

One of the main reasons for integrating the transmitter and chargers of a paging system is to reduce costs. Sure there's nothing new about those particular tactics, or indeed developing new technology.

But where do you stop as a manufacturer; and at what point can the integration of paging system components become a problem for customers? Surely it's better to limit just how far you go when you join pieces of pager systems in to one case assembly?

What does it mean to the customer of such systems?

Well think about it all for a moment. If you have a transmitter and separate pager charger then if one of those two components fails its a simple matter to replace the component; it also costs less than replacing a transmitter AND a pager charging base than just the transmitter or just the charging base.

The outcome of failed integrated paging systems

As a potential customer it might not sound a very big deal; but make no mistake, once you have used a paging system to recall patients, customers, staff or even in emergency situations we can tell you that if the pager solution fails then you will be very quickly acutely aware of the consequences.

The fact is, that when your paging communication system fails your company will be rather like a fish out of water.

An integrated paging system (transmitter and pager chargers combined) is always going to be more susceptible to damage because it includes a transmitter that with continual use can get hot; and then there's the chargers that receive pagers over and over sometimes many times in a day, so are susceptible to failure through continued use and or contamination from the pagers themselves.

Some companies don't have the quality of support that we offer; and they don't have the stock, staff or wherewithal to fix problems when you need it most. They NEVER advance replace products where we will; but if the worst should happen, we will send out a replacement component for next day delivery*; what is more if the unit is out of warranty or has been damaged then our cost to you will be far lower than it would if you had an 'integrated system'.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       How to save massively on operating costs of a paging system

One thing many customers don't understand is the 'operating costs' of a paging system. Over time, with wear and tear all paging systems can have issues of failure; those failures include: pager failures, transmitter failures, charging base failure, power supply failures, connecting cable issues and so on.

But the main problem for All-in-One paging systems (that have the transmitter integrated in to the charging unit) is one of increased cost. You might find from many of those companies that while you're in warranty they repair the unit (sometimes leaving you without a system in the meantime) but as soon as it's out of warranty you will be buying a new unit. All-in-One integrated systems COST MORE than a system built with separate units - as ours is.

Your OPERATING COSTS typically could be DOUBLE that of our systems when you use competitive products. In actual fact we can reduce operating costs by as much as 60% against those competitive products year on year and that money over four or five years amounts to a massive saving of operating cost. It's just one of those things you don't consider unless someone like us tells you - and you can be sure that companies selling All in One paging systems certainly won't!

Now think further than the purchase of the system; it will be unlikely that you consider those operating costs in your budget so cost critical operations such as hospitals, healthcare, charities, restaurants and other business could likely end up simply putting that all-in-one pager system in a drawer to gather dust because you don't have the high cost of repairing the main unit charger that happens to include the transmitter.

Our paging system chargers are extremely easy to repair, but honestly, the cost of a brand new charger (because you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and not some dealer or distributor) is very low cost - in fact no more than the typical price of a kettle! All in One systems CANNOT supply at our pricing.

We sincerely hope that this little section of our website has offered some insight as to exactly why an all-in-one paging system is really bad news for business; to avoid all of those issues simply go to our contact form and contact us now!


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