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Improve Customer & Patient QOS and Experience Using Paging Systems

Easily Improve Patient and Customer Flow in Hospitals, Healthcare and Restaurants

The Leading Queue Management Paging System from the Manufacturer DIRECT within the Health Care and Hospitality Sectors

Since 1993 we have been developing paging solutions for our clients for restaurants, hospitals and other sectors where there are communication problems; in fact we own the patents on the biggest selling brand in the world. Welcome - you've found us!

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For Hospitals and Medical:


Visiting a Hospital is a stressful time for most outpatient's; extended times waiting around after the appointment time are sometimes unavoidable, but that can be a major contributor to patient stress. Using our Patient Paging System will reduce the stress levels in any outpatient department in the hospital. CS7 Pagers when used by a patient will allow them to move from the confines of the waiting room and visit the hospital's cafe or casual restaurant or even visit the and allow them to relax in the hospitals grounds where it's more peaceful.

Our CS Series pagers work with our PC Netpage Unlimited networking software that has won awards for it's innovations and is patent protected.

The Push Button Paging System is perfect for consultation rooms or at bedsides.

Hospital Fund Raisers and Charities:

Over the years of supplying Hospitals we have always offered simply the lowest cost options to hospital departments being funded by fund raisers or charities. We will offer extended discounts to those bodies so that we too contribute to the cause; we're not just a distributor whose sole role in life is to make money. In that circumstance we will even supply inserts for our paging systems in the name of the body that funds the purchase. Of course we also extend warranty to those bodies funding CS Series Paging Systems and pagers in this way for up to five years*.

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Please note that descriptions of the above solutions relate to hospitals and restaurants.

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* Terms apply


For Restaurants:


CS7 Smarter Pagers has a number of solutions including customer paging systems from stand alone to complete PC networked solutions that have no range limit like some systems we could name; all of our customer paging systems have a unique wait list management solution built right in to the system and have been continuously proven to be the best available since 1993.

Using CS Series Pagers creates an 'invisible queue' that we guarantee manages customer flow better than any other system and reduces walk aways to near enough nil; these solutions are used throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and also worldwide. When a customer arrives in the restaurant they are given a pager and advised that they will be 'paged' to return for their food as soon as it is ready. It's a simple matter to have staff enter the customers pager number in to the system to call the customer back. The SafeTouch™ pager will flash, vibe (and optionally beep) to alert the customer to return to collect their piping hot food.

Allowing customers in some situations to visit the bar or other areas where they can buy from you is a clear advantage; but it also allows flow management and gives the customer the experience of excellent quality of service (QOS) from your establishment.

CS7 Pagers also has a special area for promotional advertising or instructions that can easily (and at low cost) be customised for your exact requirements (on our new 'Note' Version. Maybe an advertisement of the latest food on offer, or a two for one deal, or even up and coming events - the customer will see it all, guaranteed!

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Please note that descriptions of the above solutions relate to hospitals and restaurants.

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